Down the Path

Our favorite question in the world is, “Can you make this?” It is usually followed by showing us a picture or screenshot of something a couple has seen and wants to get made for their wedding.  This one question starts the conversation and takes us down the path of creation.

We call it the path of creation because it’s a journey that we are taking with our customer.  Every couple is different and so some paths are straight shots and some a curvy trip up a mountain.  Our goal in every case is to work with you to create that perfect item.  Below are a few things to think about prior to your consultation with us:

Style – What is your style? – Not necessarily the style of the wedding, but your personal style.  We don’t have to use stock fonts, images, or colors.  Each item can be made to your specifications to match the style you’ve been cultivating your entire life.  Don’t ask us what we can do, know what you want and tell us.

Story – How can we incorporate the things that make your relationship special into the details of your wedding?  Your song, your first date, your college, or even your pet are all items that can be included into the things we make.  It’s up to you how much of detail you want to share with your guest.

Size – Whatever you want we’ll have a lot of questions about the size, whether it is the physical size of the item or the quantity.  No matter how big or how small we’ll work to make it the perfect fit.

Once we gather up all the information the journey is halfway over.  You’ll soon get mock ups of each design to approve and then we go into action making your item.  When we’re all done we’ll meet again and you’ll have a custom product that will be sure to wow.  The path has been traversed and you’re one step closer to happily ever after.

With all of that out there, let’s get together so we can see the screen shot of what you’d like made and head down the path of creation.

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